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Daniel Lee-Jacobs

Daniel Lee-Jacobs

Daniel Lee-Jacobs, the dynamic and creative CEO of ArtsHaus, has been instrumental in revolutionizing the UK's independent art scene. ArtsHaus, under Daniel's leadership, has offered a unique platform for homeowners, collectors, and interior designers to discover affordable, quality art sourced from independent art galleries across the UK.

From conceptualization to launch, Daniel's passion for art and e-commerce guided him to design and develop this innovative platform. He manages a diverse team of 7 freelancers, exemplifying his knack for fostering collaborative environments and leading with an inclusive, forward-thinking approach.

In addition to partnering with more than 50 leading art galleries in the UK, Daniel's astute management and curated taste have amassed a collection of over 7,500 works, enhancing the visibility and accessibility of the UK's vibrant art scene.

When he's not immersed in transforming the landscape of the art market, Daniel finds balance and inspiration in his personal hobbies. He is an avid hiker, often exploring the UK's picturesque landscapes to disconnect and find inspiration. His love for music manifests in playing the acoustic guitar, and he also enjoys unwinding with a good historical novel, believing that understanding the past can influence the creative processes of the present.

This fusion of professional acumen and personal passions allows Daniel to pioneer innovative solutions and continually elevate ArtsHaus's standing within the UK art industry.