The Naughton Gallery at Queen's

Verified Lanyon Building, Belfast BT7 1NN Location

The Naughton Gallery at Queen's is an exceptional art gallery located in the heart of Belfast. Situated in the Lanyon Building, this gallery offers a wonderful space for exhibitions. Visitors have praised the gallery for its small yet perfectly formed exhibitions, and many have expressed their intention to return. With a great view from the window, it provides a captivating experience for both locals and visitors alike. The gallery is housed in a beautiful building with impressive architecture, adding to its charm. The staff are known for their friendly and helpful nature, making every visit to this gallery a truly lovely experience. For more information about the location and contact details, please visit our website.

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Name The Naughton Gallery at Queen's
City Belfast
Phone +44 28 9097 3580

🙋‍♂️ Frequently asked questions about The Naughton Gallery at Queen's

What is the contact phone number for the Art gallery?

The contact phone number for The Naughton Gallery at Queen's is +44 28 9097 3580

What are today's opening hours?

Today Saturday, the opening hours for The Naughton Gallery at Queen's are 11 am–4 pm and it is currently opened. Here are the opening hours for the entire week.

What is the street where The Naughton Gallery at Queen's is located?

This Art gallery is located at Lanyon Building, Belfast BT7 1NN.

What services does this Art gallery offer?

Art gallery

Is it open on Saturdays?

It's opened on Saturdays from 11 am–4 pm.

Is it open on Sundays?

It's opened on Sundays from 11 am–4 pm.

🕓 Opening Hours

Today, Saturday, April 20, 2024, the opening hours for the Art gallery are 11 am–4 pm

Monday Closed
Tuesday 11 am–4 pm
Wednesday 11 am–4 pm
Thursday 11 am–4 pm
Friday 11 am–4 pm
Saturday 11 am–4 pm
Sunday 11 am–4 pm

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Even though I have wandered the cloistered halls of the Lanyon Building @ QUB for years, I had never visited this small gallery (just one room) before...definitely worth a look, and has a lift available for disabled visitors too...

Nicholas Scott

6 months ago

Wonderful space, wonderful exhibition. Small but perfectly formed! I'll be back! Great view from the window too!

Gill Entwistle

7 months ago

Great place for both locals and visitors.

Valentyn Mohylyuk

1 years and 1 months ago

Amazing expierience

Corinne Douglas

1 years and 6 months ago

Nice gallery in a very nice building

Oksana Vinkarklina

3 years and 6 months ago

I like this galery

Rita Pukeraba

3 years and 6 months ago

Nice building ???? and architecture

Mahmoud Abdelfattah

4 years and 6 months ago

Lovely help people

jo hay

4 years and 6 months ago

Interesting and great. A bit smaller than expected

Stian Grønlund

4 years and 6 months ago

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