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Located in the heart of Brighton on Market St, Kellie Miller Arts Gallery is a must-visit art gallery that offers a unique and curated collection of artwork. Visitors can expect an exceptional experience, with knowledgeable and friendly staff who are passionate about art. The gallery showcases a diverse range of artists, ensuring there is something to suit every taste. Stay updated with their mailing list for new additions to their collection. Visitors have raved about the gallery's warm welcome and approachable atmosphere, making it a delightful browsing and buying environment. With its cleverly maximized display spaces and expert curation, Kellie Miller Arts Gallery truly stands out as a gem among independent galleries. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this treasure trove of artistic inspiration.

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Name Kellie Miller Arts Gallery
City Brighton
Phone +44 1273 329384

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What is the contact phone number for the Art gallery?

The contact phone number for Kellie Miller Arts Gallery is +44 1273 329384

What are today's opening hours?

Today Thursday, the opening hours for Kellie Miller Arts Gallery are 11 am–6 pm and it is currently closed. Here are the opening hours for the entire week.

What is the street where Kellie Miller Arts Gallery is located?

This Art gallery is located at 20 Market St, Brighton, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1HH.

What services does this Art gallery offer?

Art gallery

Is it open on Saturdays?

It's opened on Saturdays from 11 am–6 pm.

Is it open on Sundays?

It's opened on Sundays from 11 am–5 pm.

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Today, Thursday, May 30, 2024, the opening hours for the Art gallery are 11 am–6 pm

Monday 11 am–6 pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 11 am–6 pm
Thursday 11 am–6 pm
Friday 11 am–6 pm
Saturday 11 am–6 pm
Sunday 11 am–5 pm

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I absolutely love this gallery. They always have beautifully curated pieces by a range of artists and lovely staff that are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the artists whilst also giving you space to enjoy the art. It's worth being on their mailing list as they keep you up-to-date with new pieces. I have been wanting a piece by Alison Coaten for so long and so appreciate the great service.

Sharon Kirkland

1 years and 0 months ago

My partner and I came into your lovely art gallery on the Thurs 20th April and we were absolutely blown away by the fantastic art work. We both spotted art work that resonated with us but we loved all the art work that was displayed. We were made to feel so welcome by Kellie and her friendly and approachable persona. Many thanks ????

Beth Reeks

1 years and 1 months ago

“A stunning statement piece that immediately stood out to me”KMA is a unique treasure trove of perfectly curated art, ceramics and sculpture handpicked with an exceptional eye, only found in an experienced artist owned gallery. A visit not to be missed!Images: Mitch Barrett’s series of sculptures of Equus represent the completeness of the unity of man and animal. It has a theme of contrasting generic opposites with their differences that complement into a harmonic unity.‘Equus Oedipus’ created from paper clay over an armature and cast in bronze as a limited edition. There is a reference to the Greek myth of Oedipus who falls in love with his mother. It shows the primal connection between a mother and a young boy.a completeness of horse and human. Connection and completeness are unfulfilled needs from childhood.

Laura Francis

1 years and 4 months ago

I purchased a ceramic, 'Glimpse II', by Annabell Munn. It was a wedding gift and was extremely well received, which is unfortunate since, by then, I was quite reluctant to part with it!All the best for 2023.

Phil Blume

1 years and 4 months ago

I was interested in a painting by the artist David Hayward. The Gallery kept me well informed of an upcoming exhibition and also offered to secure a commissioned work if I preferred. I eventually purchased one of his works at the exhibition. It's a fabulous painting and is ideally suited to enhance my collection. Kellie Miller is a great gallery that are passionate about art and provide a great personal service. Highly recommended.

John Owen

1 years and 5 months ago

Really excellent gallery with truly unique pieces. Tannaz made the process buying the piece I wanted really enjoyable and easy going. The piece was posted out to me, packaged really securely and Tannaz followed up to make sure everything was ok ✅I’m really happy - thank you so much

Robert Squires

1 years and 5 months ago

A gem of an independent gallery which, whilst compact overall, is spread over two floors and across three rooms.Hanging and display space is cleverly maximised but never feels crowded. This has to be down to artistic curation done properly, an art form in itself and one which seldom reaches this level of expertise.Contrasting styles are displayed in quite small spaces but with an overarching leitmotif which is followed through the whole gallery and works superbly.A striking piece by the entrance gives kerb appeal acting as an invitation to art lovers.Add in totally engaged and enthusiastic staff, all of which makes this gallery a wonderful browsing and buying environment.

Keith “Cito” Barry

1 years and 6 months ago

We discovered this gallery some years ago and have loved to visit every time we are in town. The team are delightful and really get to know their artists so can explain about them and their pieces - and they take time the time to help you understand the artists and their work. They are also one of the few we have found that place ceramic art on the same level as painting, print, collage and photography. As a passionate collector of ceramic art this is lovely to see. Always a wonderfully curated selection of pieces by a variety of artists in a variety of media. Unfortunately this gallery is bad for my bank balance but well worth a visit.

Alan Curran

1 years and 6 months ago

We purchased 'Why' by Su Jameson in 2021 from Kellie Miller Arts Gallery (pictured on the right). We found the staff to be professional and courteous. The collection arrangements for the work after the exhibition had concluded were efficient and clear. The gallery has kept us updated, sending catalogues for artists whom we are interested in, which we really value. We love Jameson's piece, which is a favourite in our collection; always ready for a contemplative moment. I am sure that we will purchase work from Kellie Miller Arts Gallery again in the future.

Fiona MacNeill

1 years and 6 months ago

Would like to thank you Kellie for taking the time to talk about some of the wonderful artwork you have so carefully curated. The gallery is an absolute treasure.

julian robinson

1 years and 8 months ago

What a delightful experience it was to visit this gallery last weekend, whilst an exhibition was on. Gallery manager Sam was a professional superstar, effortlessly supporting us as we explored, pondered and finally decided on a piece to buy. Thank you! I highly recommend popping into this lovely space.

Andrea Graf

1 years and 9 months ago

As complete art novices, we enjoyed the variety of styles on display. The collections were very engaging. We especially enjoyed the discussion we had with the shop assistant on the influences of particular artists - it showed how involved they are with each artists during their selection process. We will definitely be visiting again!

Priyanka Mohata

1 years and 10 months ago

I always love independent art galleries, but this one was extra good. Beautiful lightly and airy upstairs, very well designed downstairs to show off every unique piece to its best advantage.A stunning Helen Phoenix blackbird painting caught my eye the moment I walked in and, despite being tempted by many other pieces during my visit, I couldn't stop thinking about it and got in touch with the gallery a couple of days later to arrange delivery.It was smooth, courteous and great service - and every communication I receive is so well considered and friendly. This is a must-visit gallery, especially if, like me, you like your head turned when you're least expecting it!

Caroline Edwards

1 years and 10 months ago

We have visited this gallery twice now on trips to Brighton and bought items both times. The artistic styles on offer are really varied and wonderful quality - definitely something for all tastes . I bought a stunning Mary Jones "Head" - "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day " and some of Remon Jephcott's "Rotting Fruit" pieces. Thoroughly recommend a visit - nice and relaxed, not intimidating and no hard sell but good advice.

Tracey Brown

1 years and 10 months ago

Entered the gallery on a whim and was absolutely blown away by some of the pieces and the very lovely member of staff. If you get the chance go in and look at the Jo Wonder pieces they have especially, wonderfully surreal.

Adam Hall

1 years and 10 months ago

The whole experience buying my first "proper" painting from this gallery was perfect. It is a brilliant curated gallery with lots of interesting pieces which seem to be updated frequently. The individuals who work at this gallery are welcoming, knowledgable and happy to help you discover your taste. I chose a piece by Jonathan Smith which instantly stole my heart. It hangs pride of place in my home and I am still in love with it. I would recommend this gallery to anyone, from seasoned art collectors to people just dipping their toe into the art owning world.

Georgie Smith

1 years and 10 months ago

I am a long-standing fan of Kellie Miller's Gallery in Brighton. It continues to surprise, delight and inspire by providing space for artists of excellence and originality to exhibit at this small but perfectly formed gallery in the middle of the Lanes. No need to go to London for new and interesting artwork! We look forward to private views and often carry home another wonderful piece of figurative ceramic to enjoy. Kellie and her staff definitely have a knack of finding the best from artists across the UK and beyond, whether this be painting ceramics or other media. Always a real treat to visit!

Karin Janzon

1 years and 10 months ago

Interesting variety of work and artists.Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.Highly recommend a visitThank you

LMS Champion

1 years and 10 months ago

We came across Kellie Miller Arts Gallery on a visit to Brighton. We were looking for a picture for our hallway and thought we would spend some months looking for something that was just right. This was the first gallery we went into .... and there it was! The perfect picture. Right size, right frame, right colours. An all round gorgeous picture. Perfect. We were extremely happy with our purchase and love our picture. We actually ended up with two pictures. A smaller one for our landing. Sam was lovely and very helpful and was able to tell us about the artist and the picture and how it had come about, which makes it even more special. The gallery is definitely worth a visit and it is always good to support small businesses.

F Dz

1 years and 10 months ago

Kellie Miller and I both began our careers showing art in open houses and office spaces. I was delighted when Kellie opened her beautiful gallery in Brighton and invited me to show paintings. Kellie, and her very able Gallery Manager Sam, have a great understanding of the needs of artists and clients, and over the years have been very supportive of new and exciting work. I worked in education for a number of years. My students valued Kellie's support for their aspirations enormously. The Kellie Miller Gallery is a vibrant cultural asset to the community of Brighton and Hove.

Jonathan Smith

1 years and 10 months ago

Kellie Miller's Gallery is always an absolute delight and should be an essential part of any visit to the Brighton Lanes. Sam was really helpful last year with choosing a piece for a significant birthday. My latest purchase was a gorgeous vessel by ceramicist Lesley McInally which stuns with its beautiful colours and textures.

Philippa Aldrich

1 years and 10 months ago

A really excellent gallery. I've bought several pieces from them over the past few years. I tried their online service this Xmas and the item I ordered arrived safely the day after dispatch, beautifully packaged. Highly recommended!

Simon Smith

1 years and 10 months ago

I bought a painting by Paulina X Miranda from Kellie's gallery this summer. I went in to browse and ended up talking for quite some time to Sam. She was friendly and welcoming and really knew her stuff. She was also patient with a novice collector like me. I was really impressed with the range of works on show and how enthusiastic Sam was about the artists that Kellie represents. I had no intention of buying when I went in, but a few weeks afterwards the Paulina X Miranda work was still in my mind so I decided to purchase it. Kellie could not have been more helpful with the transaction and I was delighted that she took such great care with transporting the painting to me. I would happily buy works from Kellie again. Buying art can be daunting but Kellie made it effortless.

Katy Wheatley

1 years and 10 months ago

Excellent website so easy to select. Item delivered very quickly and well wrapped so five stars easy to justify

fred bellamy

1 years and 10 months ago

Buying from this gallery was an absolute joy from start to finish. I chose an incredibly beautiful Ramon Jephcott ceramic pear from a wonderful selection of art. This was a fragile piece but was packaged very safely and with a wonderful personalised handwritten note. This was followed by an after-service e-mail to check all was ok and personalised correspondence. The service offered is wonderful and way above the norm, thank you!

Simon Jones

1 years and 10 months ago

Fantastic! I couldn't recommend Kellie Miller Arts Gallery more - I visited a few months ago and these guys were so welcoming and friendly. They have a brilliant selection of art from an array of great artists, and helped me select the perfect pieces for my house. Can't wait to visit again and 100% would recommend to all! Thanks again to Sam and Kellie for everything!

Raad Pharaon

1 years and 10 months ago

My partner and I were in the market for an abstract piece to compliment our new felt like it was meant to be when we were introduced to Sam Peacock's exceptional work at KMA. The textures and the colours have elevated our living room perfectly - we're so pleased with our purchase

Oliver Lynes

7 months ago

Although I have a scientific background , I have always had an eye for the arts. In that I have to take logical steps to get the car fixed on one hand there has to be something more to life especially during the infinite in-between moments. However I look at art in a questioning way. How’s it done? Could I do that? What’s it doing to me? A bit more than the do I like it certainly?I had some money that was sitting in a bank account doing nothing and had a yearning to put it into the art economy. This has become a meditation in itself; an extra question in fact and irksome with it in that it seems there is never enough, when according to the conservation laws there is eternally a fixed amount.There was an open day at the Phoenix gallery and I was dashing through the studios trying to take it all in, doing justice before exhaustion and the jaded view impinged. Entering Steve Fricker’s room, immediately my boxes were ticked and I loved the exaggerated perspective in the bath one and here was the artist himself who was able to understand my jabberings. The answer was yes I would have one of these on my walls while so much was saying stuff, asking questions expressing torment . . but there was no call to insert any of it betwixt my own obsessions to catch my eye and make me pause in my pottering round the flat.Some time later at Kellie Miller I settled for The Mariner of the Amnesia as far as my budget would allow and was much pleased. It was my second act of financially validated patronage. Strangely I had somehow got the idea it was called ‘The Mirror of Amnesia’ ; turns out I am autistic and an involuntary metanoic. So I have ended up with 2 art pieces one of them virtual and have only the faintest idea of what it might look like. Meanwhile the physical one sits handsomely one atop a bookshelf next to a copy of Vanilla Beer’s ‘Saints in Paint’ which I helped produce. Does it not speak for itself? Steve’s Mariner I mean. Vanilla’s is a book; you would have to flip through it.

Alan Cannon

6 months ago

I was partly in Brighton to have a look for some art and came across this gallery which had some interesting pieces in the window (I later bought one from the series!). Anyhow, top marks here given for the knowledge about the pieces and the original artists and especially for the friendly and flexible service (thanks Sam). Also recommended a courier and items were very well packed and delivered. Will be happy to return.

Chris Dee

7 months ago

We had not intended to buy any more paintings for our Hove flat, as the wall space had become quite limited, but when we saw the stunning, vibrant landscapes by Dana Cowie at Kelly Miller Arts, we were instantly smitten. The compositions very much reminded us of the 19th century Canadian Group of Seven, which we got to appreciate when we lived in Toronto 30 years ago.The scenes are more abstract, the colours are much brighter, and the surface texture is bolder, but there is a strong link, a wonderful development of ‘romantic’ themes by another Canadian artist for the 21st century.The work we chose from a skilfully displayed and highlighted selection in the gallery is now the focus point when we open our front door.Keep up the good work at the gallery, discovering new local and international artists.Andrea and Gunter

Gunter D

3 months ago

Thank you so much for theAlison Coaten Biography. I enjoyed visiting the Gallery today. both myself and my husband still adoreAlison's relequary the we bought two years ago.please do put us back on your mailing listBest wishesDiana Burnand

Diana Burnand

4 months ago

Beautiful pieces, attractively curated combined with a warm welcome and helpful background information about the artists. We found the perfect gift for a best friend’s birthday. Brighton is blessed with these wonderful little galleries.

Sean Griffin

4 months ago

We always make this gallery our first stop when visiting Brighton. There's always a range of interesting items to look at, none of which we have seen anywhere else.We had a long chat with Lily about some of the pieces. I don't know how she remembers all of the info.We bought Starlet and enjoyed hearing all about the artist and her process.The gallery arranged for Starlet to be delivered at a good price and a convenient time. Anne and Lily sorted everything out for us.The whole experience was fun and easy from start to finish. Thank you Lily and Anne.

david p

2 months ago

Beautiful picture, beautifully framed and delivered without any problems

Paula Jaffe

2 months ago

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