Leamington Studio Artists

Verified East Lodge, Jephson Gardens, Willes Road, Leamington Spa CV32 4ER Location

Leamington Studio Artists, an art gallery located in Leamington Spa, offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the fabulous art and designs of local artists. This lovely little gallery, beautifully laid out and staffed by friendly artists, showcases a diverse collection of artwork in different mediums. Situated at one end of the stunning Jephson Gardens, it is a perfect venue to immerse yourself in the talent of talented local artists. The prices for original art are great, making it an ideal place to find unique pieces for your collection or as gifts. You can also meet and hire local artists for portrait commissions or to create bespoke artworks. Don't miss the wall displaying business cards from other local artists, providing you with the chance to connect and support them too. Although finding this hidden gem within the garden may be a slight challenge, the experience is definitely worth it.

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ℹ️ About

Name Leamington Studio Artists
City Leamington Spa
Website http://www.lsa-artists.org/
Phone +44 1926 831723

🙋‍♂️ Frequently asked questions about Leamington Studio Artists

What is the contact phone number for the Art gallery?

The contact phone number for Leamington Studio Artists is +44 1926 831723

What are today's opening hours?

Today Saturday, the opening hours for Leamington Studio Artists are 10:30 am–3:30 pm and it is currently opened. Here are the opening hours for the entire week.

What is the street where Leamington Studio Artists is located?

This Art gallery is located at East Lodge, Jephson Gardens, Willes Road, Leamington Spa CV32 4ER.

What services does this Art gallery offer?

Art gallery, Art studio

Is it open on Saturdays?

It's opened on Saturdays from 10:30 am–3:30 pm.

Is it open on Sundays?

It's opened on Sundays from 10:30 am–3:30 pm.

🕓 Opening Hours

Today, Saturday, April 20, 2024, the opening hours for the Art gallery are 10:30 am–3:30 pm

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 10:30 am–3:30 pm
Thursday 10:30 am–3:30 pm
Friday 10:30 am–3:30 pm
Saturday 10:30 am–3:30 pm
Sunday 10:30 am–3:30 pm

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Local artist displaying their fabulous art and designs, definitely worth a visit for a treat, gifts or browsing of different mediums..

Cherrie Hewitt

9 months ago

Wonder little gallery. Beautifully laid out. Very friendly artists.

Nicki Rouse

10 months ago

Lovely little gallery with local artists in residence

Kimberley Harris

1 years and 0 months ago

Super group of talented local artists in a lovely local venue at one end of beautiful Jephson gardens. Well worth a visit!

Wendy Young

1 years and 3 months ago

Excellent collection of different media works!

Mandar Tahmankar

1 years and 3 months ago

Lovely venue at the edge of the park by the willes road gates . Great cross section of art from local artists. Selling postcards through to one of original pieces . Often with Artist there to tell you about their work .Worth taking 10 minutes to drop in and look

Marc Wilson

1 years and 5 months ago

So lovely to view artist's work and hear the history and inspiration behind each piece. Great prices for original art ❤️❤️❤️

Jan Lewis

1 years and 7 months ago

Very interesting pieces of art work of local and Dutch scenes.

Jeanna Godfrey

1 years and 7 months ago

Some beautiful pieces of art to look at and buy. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

Christine Williamson

1 years and 8 months ago

Love Lynne's work but all artists doing fabulous work worth a visit

Rose Trehern

1 years and 8 months ago

An art studio where you can meet with local artists, buy their paitings or other works. You can hire them for a portrait, or to create a unique art. It is great to see the artist in their own working environment, and see them in the process.There is a wall where you could see business card from other local artists, so you could contact and buy from them as well.The only problem it was hard to find this place in the garden.

Peter Marosan

3 years and 8 months ago

Fabulous place, great exhibitions and artists.

Mike Patrick

3 years and 8 months ago

Charming place with artists and exhibitions all year round, very friendly. Not to miss whilst walking in Jephson Gardens.

Michael G.

3 years and 8 months ago

What an excellent little gallery. A great use of a parks cottage with artists on location to chat to and admire their work. We must have spent an hour there! Well worth the visit!

Eric Hill

4 years and 8 months ago

Just had an exhibition there! Fabulous gallery spaces and the Manager and volunteers are brilliant!

Sonia Bublaitis

4 years and 8 months ago

A small studio packed with lots of fab art and artists. There is something very special about seeing the artists at work in their spaces too.

Lorna Bowden

4 years and 8 months ago

Lovely little venue

Erica Wilson

4 years and 8 months ago

Arts in the park was wonderful!

paul joyner

4 years and 8 months ago

So good I became a member and have had encouragement to push myself further.

Barrie ETTER

4 years and 8 months ago

With resident artists and ever-changing exhibitions by local artists, this is the perfect place to enjoy art or buy a special gift.

Partridge Interiors Ltd

5 years and 8 months ago

Lovely building with beautiful surroundings. Fabulous Exhibition on at the moment too !! Look.

Sam Walker

5 years and 8 months ago

This gallery is great. Friendly curating staff that really knows their stuff. Spent some time looking at the other galleries nearby, and this one had the best diversity. Would return again!

Ian Livingston

8 years and 8 months ago

A brilliant t little studio that has so much to offer. Local artist displaying works on canvas using oils acrylic and watercolours. Staff super friendly and really knowledgeable. A great experience and dog friendly venue too. We are looking forward to our next trip during Art in the Park next weekend.

Harpal Panesar

8 months ago

Great local Artists reasonably priced

Jan Collins

7 months ago

It's bigger than it looks from the outside and has lots of interesting art to see. The people seem lovely and are happy to talk about their art

rebecca REYNOLDS

7 months ago

Great little collection of artists studios for rent when any are vacant. Gallery space for use of Leamington Studio Artists members too. Well worth the extra walk to the far end of Jefferson Gardens to see what's on display whenever you are in Leamington Spa

Matthew Allton

7 months ago

Great little gem . Houses a number of artists and you can see them actually work in this space which is really special. Goods and prices are clearly displayed. Some really lovely pieces, so it's definitely worth a visit. Dogs are welcome. Be warned, narrow corridors, and a number of stairs, so a little more challenging an environment for some.

Liz M

8 months ago

A great little gallery/exhibition space, with changing artists periodically. ???? Ideally situated by the entrance to the gardens.

Sue Williams

8 months ago

Great to see artists have the opportunity to showcase their work.

Doug Collis

7 months ago

A wonderful studio with fresh exhibitions every month and great local artists who are resident. We had a painting commissioned here and the artist did a fantastic job.

Hejie He

4 months ago

Nice art work. Local artists paint their own small towns.

Documentary Show

4 months ago

It was just having a swap over when we visited. Lovely little building and some interesting local art works

Tim Essex

2 months ago

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