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The Tetley is an incredible Art gallery located in Leeds, England. Situated on Hunslet Rd, The Tetley offers a unique blend of art, culture, and history. Housed in the former head office of Leeds' iconic brewery, this space has been transformed into a vibrant arts center while preserving many of its original features. Visitors can explore the wood panelled doors, the boardroom with its classic table and chairs, and even the grand entrance. The gallery showcases a diverse range of exhibitions that captivate audiences with their creativity and thought-provoking narratives. Additionally, The Tetley features a fantastic cafe/bar and reception area where visitors can relax and enjoy delicious food. With its rich history and dynamic exhibitions, The Tetley is an absolute must-visit for art enthusiasts and those looking for a unique cultural experience in Leeds.

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Name The Tetley
City Leeds
Phone +44 113 320 2323

🙋‍♂️ Frequently asked questions about The Tetley

What is the contact phone number for the Art gallery?

The contact phone number for The Tetley is +44 113 320 2323

What are today's opening hours?

Today Thursday, the opening hours for The Tetley are 10 am–5 pm and it is currently closed. Here are the opening hours for the entire week.

What is the street where The Tetley is located?

This Art gallery is located at The Tetley, Hunslet Rd, Leeds LS10 1JQ.

What services does this Art gallery offer?

Art gallery, Bar, Heritage building, Learning Centre, Restaurant

Is it open on Saturdays?

It's opened on Saturdays from 10 am–5 pm.

Is it open on Sundays?

It's opened on Sundays from 10 am–5 pm.

🕓 Opening Hours

Today, Thursday, May 30, 2024, the opening hours for the Art gallery are 10 am–5 pm

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 10 am–5 pm
Thursday 10 am–5 pm
Friday 10 am–5 pm
Saturday 10 am–5 pm
Sunday 10 am–5 pm

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Bryan Brierley

10 months ago

Such a little gem of a place, I'm not sure I should be sharing this, or keeping it to myself!What they've done is to take the head office of Leeds' iconic brewery and created an arts space inside it. So, like, they've gutted it and painted everything white, right? Well no, actually. They've kept a lot - id say most - of the internal features. The wood panelled doors, the boardroom including table & chairs, the grand entrance, even the classic open frame lift, (though sadly that's not useable). They've added a great cafe/bar and reception area and are using the remaining space creatively for exhibitions. When I visited many of the rooms were telling a sequential story, like walking through the pages of an illustrated book. Another area had a display of artefacts from the Menwith Hill protests in the 70s accompanied by a fascinating video about the whole area, it's history, archeology, oh yes and the protest too. I dare say these exhibitions will change around but honestly it's worth a visit just to see the building itself. Oh, I nearly forgot, up on the top floor there's a gorgeous little soft play area designed by an actual artist. You need to sign-up online so they know who's attending, but if I had a toddler I'd be there for an hour every time I went to Leeds!

Andrew Beck

1 years and 0 months ago

I've been hosting events at The Tetley for three years now. Every time, the staff are incredibly helpful and make life so easy for us. There are so many great spaces to use, and if I forget something, the staff always have a solution.Really recommend if you are looking for a creative space!

Lee Jones

1 years and 0 months ago

Food was great. They had free Dahl for kids too. Would go back just for this.Kids play room was cute.I didn’t really get the art, might be just me though.Parking is tough, I recommend the train or planning ahead where you park.

Alice Coates

1 years and 1 months ago

The food was fantastic and the presentation was spot on..not much meat options but that doesn't bother me..fresh ingredients cooked by great chefs.. definitely going again

Sonia Mcdermott

1 years and 2 months ago

Cracking pint ????

Neil Hutchinson

1 years and 4 months ago

It's good to visit if it's on your way.

Alise Ozola

1 years and 4 months ago

We chose The Tetley for our wedding as we were looking for a central location that would be warm, casual and a great backdrop for photos. We had a really great experience planning the wedding with Holly, and all communication was effective and efficient. We also felt that we were listened to every step of the way and all of our opinions and ideas were catered for. On the day, the staff were amazing and couldn’t help us enough! All our guests commented on how amazing the food was (pie and chips was perfect for our wedding day!) and the rooms looked absolutely stunning. We can’t thank the staff enough for looking after us and setting up the rooms exactly as we wished, and we’ll never forget the friendly feel of The Tetley.

Catriona And Jed

1 years and 4 months ago

Really great for small children

Charles F J Barnes

1 years and 5 months ago


Don.Anastasios SCULPTOR Plus PAINTER

1 years and 5 months ago

The tiny tots area is a lovely calm space for little ones. We had a great experience at the restaurant which offered a few gluten free options. When my 4 year old refused to eat the fries because they were seasoned (entirely my fault for not noticing on the menu), they redid the order with no questions or fuss. There was even a free baby dhal on the menu which was delicious! Absolutely fantastic place.

Amrita Bali

1 years and 5 months ago

Had my wedding at the Tetley and it was amazing - I couldn't recommend it enough to anyone looking for a venue in Leeds. The events team are so organised and made everything easy from start to finish. The building is beautiful and really unique. The food is great too. We couldn't have chosen a better place to get married!

Danielle Mendel

1 years and 6 months ago

its almost tilted like tilted towers from fortnite my dad hits me

Clark Gilmore

1 years and 6 months ago

This is an art space with exhibitions and activities. A great venue for an event or just to visit the bar.

David Kemp

1 years and 6 months ago

Difficult to find lot of building work going on in the area so access limited. Had a really good time.

Charles Conquest

1 years and 6 months ago

Charming little art space, cafe and bar. Tons of history.

Jeremy Stonehouse

1 years and 6 months ago

We held our 25th Wedding Vow Renewal Reception at The Tetley and what a service they provided! Nothing was beyond them. Holly looked after us from our first visit all the way through to the day it self. She ensured EVERYTHING went smoothly.She gave us details of an Excellent DJ and Sax combo plus Magician, Artist, Photo Booth and even let us pull our first pint instead of cutting a cake! Most of which were organised by her and her team so nothing missed and everything went so smooth.We keep hearing so many good comments about the food from the "Yorkshire Horderves" to the burgers, dessert grazing table and chip butties at 10:00pm! The food and drinks package were excellent!We can't say anything bad about the venue and the way it were organised. We even had photos in the legendary Boardroom. Well done Holly, your Team and of course The Tetley. Thank you and we have no issues in recommending you in the future! In fact we already have!

Craig Pace

1 years and 7 months ago

Great building. Great artwork.

Javez Keith

1 years and 7 months ago

Great meeting place, cafe and bar. Large parts centre and great playground for under 5s. All for free!!. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No … More

Dave Johnson

9 months ago

Good bar and restaurant. Gallery is well worth a look with different exhibitions on throughout the year. Free entry too. Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait … More

Andrew Wilson

9 months ago

Was here for a work meeting. Lovely place Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait … More

Mrs K

9 months ago

No mistake, I and my family like the venue… really do …. But …there are two issues I have with the place ….1st the auto service charge, we were their today and the server took my order and delivered the food..she was lovely but nothing else was needed from her…it’s kind of awful that it’s not your choice anymore, that not only do you pay for the meal but since they don’t call it a “tip” anymore youre paying extra for them to servicing you ????? I only knew I paid it after paying my bill… I kind of resent paying somebody for the basics that they should already be paid for …. No matter the smiles it should be reflective of service offered rather than “ here it is already calculated before we’ve even sent the order to the kitchen “ .. in all fairness we did sit out side and I understand the “ we don’t create a tab for outside chairs “ that’s fair, maybe it would have been different if I sat inside..but a service charge is a tip and it should be my choice or at least have your severs outline it before we pay….what I was told was “ the bill is £40 … tap the top ….here’s your receipt “ and it’s only then you see itAnd second the food is excellent, but it’s also touching on the over price index… I had a soup, special meatball sub, beans on toast and egg on toast ( both for kids ) and it was in the £40 mark…yeah typically £10 a head is good .. but that didnt include drinks and the egg on toast … is juts egg on toast ( cabbatta bread … which is a child first choice for toast “ sarcasm” )And beans on toast … which is just the most pretentious mix of chick peas and other stuff…. I mean it’s nice …. But what kid is sitting there thinking “ ohh beans … I hope they added chick peas “ but this time it was on rubbish white bread …. a peace of white with a dollop of beans on it …..when you see it laid out you kind of realise how little they offer for the £40The sustainability talk we got because the menu is heavily vegetarian ( which is great ….is kind of cancelled out by the full English and beef meat balls they serve ) lots of niggles like that stand out when maybe they shouldn’t…it wins here and there but knee Capps it self over and over again….I don’t want to put people off, support the tetley, it’s a great place, good people and nice atmosphere…but just be aware with kids you probably need a sandwich in the bag ready, check menu online or call them, the specials change and the tip is added any way …. Sorry “ service charge “ ….


9 months ago

Had a great morning here seeing the Afra Eisma exhibition and exploring the Tetly board room. Brunch was really really good! Nice atmosphere.

Meg India

8 months ago

Amazing building, brilliant art and the food is incredible. The brunch is a little fine dining twist on classic English breakfast food which is perfectly done. Brilliant mixture of art too!

Jack Ross

8 months ago

I took my dad here for a surprise and random drink. He LOVES a Tetley hand pump and worked as an engineer on the building when he was younger. When the staff found out ESPECIALLY Stephen with a PH ???? they went above and beyond to serve my dad and made him feel appreciated and loved on his 72nd bday.Thanks to all the staff especially Stephen xx

Angela Graham

8 months ago

Came to the Tetley to see the installations there as part of Light Night Leeds. Looked around. Very fine building and the installations were interesting. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sure … More

John Sargent

7 months ago

Chilled place to eat lunch/brunch. Food was spot on, polite servers and not too long to wait. only downside was the automatic adding of a service charge on the bill. Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait … More

Clair Hibbert

7 months ago

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