Castle Fine Art

Verified Broad St, Birmingham B1 2EA Location

Castle Fine Art, located on Broad St, Birmingham B1 2EA, is an exceptional art gallery that offers a diverse collection of paintings and sculptures. The knowledgeable and professional staff, particularly Lydia, provide informative insights into the artists and their work. Visitors can expect a wonderful experience as they explore the gallery and admire the beautiful pieces on display. The service provided by the team, led by Daniel, is fantastic - they are patient and understanding when it comes to online purchases, ensuring that customers feel at ease. The collection includes works by renowned artists such as James Francis Gill, Bob Dylan, Ronnie Wood, and Salvador Dali. Whether you're a seasoned art collector or simply appreciate fine art, Castle Fine Art is a must-visit destination in Birmingham.

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Name Castle Fine Art
City Birmingham
Phone +44 121 248 8484

🙋‍♂️ Frequently asked questions about Castle Fine Art

What is the contact phone number for the Art gallery?

The contact phone number for Castle Fine Art is +44 121 248 8484

What are today's opening hours?

Today Saturday, the opening hours for Castle Fine Art are 10 am–6 pm and it is currently opened. Here are the opening hours for the entire week.

What is the street where Castle Fine Art is located?

This Art gallery is located at Broad St, Birmingham B1 2EA.

What services does this Art gallery offer?

Art gallery, Art dealer

Is it open on Saturdays?

It's opened on Saturdays from 10 am–6 pm.

Is it open on Sundays?

It's opened on Sundays from 11 am–5 pm.

🕓 Opening Hours

Today, Saturday, April 20, 2024, the opening hours for the Art gallery are 10 am–6 pm

Monday 10 am–6 pm
Tuesday 10 am–6 pm
Wednesday 10 am–6 pm
Thursday 10 am–6 pm
Friday 10 am–6 pm
Saturday 10 am–6 pm
Sunday 11 am–5 pm

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Wonderful place and amazing lady who told us everything about the author of the exhibition.


6 months ago

It was fine.

Jamie Henville

9 months ago

Very welcoming artists/staff available to share details or answer any questions. A fun and interactive experience. Not that big but a nice variety of artists are exposed and the atmosphere is very caling, almost therapeutic.

Zohra Sayed

11 months ago

Beautiful art gallery, lydia was very informative and knowledgable on the art and artists. Very professional. Truly enjoyed the show

AMY Esmeralda

1 years and 5 months ago

Fantastic service and really knowledgeable team - I was nervous about buying something online that I'd never seen in person before but they really put my mind at ease. The work arrived really well packaged and in a beautiful frame - it surpassed every expectation I had and it looks great on the wall. We will be back to add to the collection for sure!I'd highly recommend - get in touch with Daniel and he'll get you on the right path ????

Jenny Bennett

2 years and 5 months ago

Fantastic collection of art- paintings and sculptures

Lavanyaa Manjunatha

3 years and 5 months ago

Lovely art work

Alison Broome

3 years and 5 months ago


John “Dinger” Dell

4 years and 5 months ago

Gorgeous pieces of art work.

Michelle Withey

4 years and 5 months ago

Love it here.Ian's good at emptying my pocket !

Alan Heeley

4 years and 5 months ago

A great gallery with knowledgeable staff. The art is world class. You can own artwork by the greats: James Francis Gill, Bob Dylan, Ronnie Wood, and Salvador Dali. Invest in some art and enjoy owning a beautiful piece to look at and treasure.

Debbie Curtis

4 years and 5 months ago

Excellent gallery, just hold onto your money.! Lovely friendly people even when you don't buy. Grant has sold us art over the last 7 years. Certainly knowledgeable.

Mike Briggs

4 years and 5 months ago

Great showing of prints of Dylan's lyrics Each song accompanied by a sketch, side by side with the lyrics.

Gill Bentley

5 years and 5 months ago

I have purchased from Castle Fine Art on 2 separate occasions and received excellent service every time. Ian is always extremely helpful and accommodating. I will definitely use them again.

Ali Hamaad

5 years and 5 months ago

Bill service from Karen ????

Andy Taylor

7 years and 5 months ago

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