Castle Fine Art

Verified SU52, St Andrew's St, Cambridge CB2 3BJ Location

Castle Fine Art is a stunning art gallery located in the heart of Cambridge, on St Andrew's Street. This modern and spacious gallery offers a diverse range of artwork by various artists, including renowned names like Bob Dylan and Billy Connolly. The gallery provides a great experience for visitors, with unpressured and knowledgeable staff who are always willing to assist. The warm and friendly atmosphere makes browsing through the artwork a pleasure, and there is no pressure to buy. Customers have praised the gallery for its excellent selection of art and the fantastic service provided by the staff. Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply looking to admire beautiful artworks, Castle Fine Art is definitely worth a visit.

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Name Castle Fine Art
City Cambridge
Phone +44 1223 307402

🙋‍♂️ Frequently asked questions about Castle Fine Art

What is the contact phone number for the Art gallery?

The contact phone number for Castle Fine Art is +44 1223 307402

What are today's opening hours?

Today Monday, the opening hours for Castle Fine Art are 10 am–6 pm and it is currently opened. Here are the opening hours for the entire week.

What is the street where Castle Fine Art is located?

This Art gallery is located at SU52, St Andrew's St, Cambridge CB2 3BJ.

What services does this Art gallery offer?

Art gallery

Is it open on Saturdays?

It's opened on Saturdays from 10 am–6 pm.

Is it open on Sundays?

It's opened on Sundays from 11 am–5 pm.

🕓 Opening Hours

Today, Monday, July 22, 2024, the opening hours for the Art gallery are 10 am–6 pm

Monday 10 am–6 pm
Tuesday 10 am–6 pm
Wednesday 10 am–6 pm
Thursday 10 am–6 pm
Friday 10 am–6 pm
Saturday 10 am–6 pm
Sunday 11 am–5 pm

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Just love this place. Just don't ask that question to my wallet...

Nick Stimson

1 years and 1 months ago

Recently brought a Nic Joly piece and whathisname sculpture. It’s always a pleasure visiting the gallery when in Cambridge just to look around. Robert has always made us feel very welcome with a drink and chat every time we visit.

Rob Turp

1 years and 2 months ago

Great experience. Unpressured and knowledgeable staff. Thank you.

Martin Fallowfield

1 years and 2 months ago

Nicely surprised by the collection with lovely staff to boot, who offered us refreshments while we browsed some really cool works by none other than Bob Dylan!

Sally Hutchings

2 years and 0 months ago

We were delighted to receive a warm and friendly welcome at this modern, spacious, inviting gallery in the Royal Arcade in the centre of Cambridge. We hadn't thought of buying a piece of art today, however we saw something we loved and bought it on impulse and know we will enjoy it for many years to come. James was very attentive without any pressure to buy, he chatted amiably and was very engaging which was a pleasure to see from such a young sale person. Seamus was also very knowledgeable about the artists and assisted us with our purchase. A very pleasant way to shop with such personable staff to assist us, a welcome change from the dispassionate on line sales we have all become accustomed to during the pandemic. We look forward to viewing future exhibitions, thank you to all who helped us today.

Christine Samuels

2 years and 0 months ago

Have some great art, friendly service and no pressure to buy.

Paul Williams

2 years and 0 months ago

Great selection of art

Chris “Ammo” Hamilton

2 years and 0 months ago

Great artwork on display by varied artists including Bob Dylan and Billy Connolly on our visit,staff fantastic

Tim Horton

2 years and 0 months ago

cool art gallery :)


2 years and 0 months ago

Some lovely pieces


2 years and 0 months ago

This is a commercial gallery showcasing modern art for sale. It's great to be able to visit this place for free and enjoy a diverse range of art. I particularly enjoyed the 3d Wall Sculptures of Nic Joly; he has a similar sense of humour to Banksy in his creations. Also works being exhibited by Bob Dylan and Billy Connolly.Alot of the exhibition is prints, Giclee prints in the case of Bob Dylan. Whilst I like his Sunflowers, there are still 295 of these produced through Giclee, so at a price of £5250 I don't think I'll be putting my hands into my pockets. But, whatever, the value of a piece of art, even a limited edition print, is whatever someone is prepared to pay for it.

Miles Macdonald

3 years and 0 months ago

My idea of heaven! Surrounded by art in a really relaxing environment with great staff. Robert Corkin was amazing and very patient with us while we decided which piece to buy. Thank you so much for your time we will be back ????

Anna Thompson

3 years and 0 months ago

Stacey the manager is awesome, I have had such great service, time and time again. Even if I'm not buying. I would recommend to everyone to pop in.

Richard Levoir

3 years and 0 months ago

Nice place to visit learned new things about people that do art which I didn't know (Bob Dylan) And (Billy Connelly) and also good Marvel Comic art????????????

John Stafford

3 years and 0 months ago

Love this shop. No pressure while you are there, sales team happy to assist when needed.

Chris Kennedy

3 years and 0 months ago

Knowledgeable and friendly staff, make you feel at ease when it comes to buying your perfect piece of art, shop is clean and inviting, Stacey and Talia go above and beyond in providing a truly professional and individual experience

Brian Jones

3 years and 0 months ago

Quality Art


3 years and 0 months ago

Very polite and articulate staff! I often find myself staring at the paintings trying to interpret them. The staff have politely jumped in to share viewpoints and when they gauge my level of interest they've shown me around. It's worth a visit!

Robin Randhawa

4 years and 0 months ago

Too much weird art for me and I really don't see where the price comes from for some of the items which are just blown up comic prints

John Ellis

4 years and 0 months ago

Great art gallery ???? some good work for sale.

Janade Abdul

7 months ago

One of the best art shops!!

Milan Shukla

9 months ago

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